Ellipsometry and Polariton Physics Group

Dr. Chris Sturm

Anklicken und Vergrößern

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Scientific activities and Topics of Interest

Scientific Expertise
  • Generalized Ellipsometry
  • Angular and polarization resolved photoluminescence and reflectivity measurements
  • Determination of the dielectric function of wide band gap semiconductors, isolators, and ferroelectrics in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet spectral range
  • Design of 1D confined microresonators
  • Modelling the optical properties of resonator structures including optical anisotropy
  • strong-light matter coupling in ZnO-based microresonators:
    - Polarisation of the exciton-polariton dispersion,
    - Occupation of the exciton-polariton states

    Topics of Interest
  • Strong light-matter coupling in semiconductor microcavities
  • Condensation of exciton-polaritons and related phenomena
  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and dielectric functions
  • Optical properties of layered systems and their modelling
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